Fees, Services, and Contact Information

I am available to deliver your boat from Maine to Florida. I can also be available full time as Captain for your personal yacht. I enjoy assisting an Owner with a delivery or vacation. I always provide experienced offshore crew to assist me. Boat Owners are always welcome on my trips!

Expenses & Insurance

All actual expenses for air travel, ground transportation, fuel, boat expenses, food and provisions are the responsibility of the owner. The owner is to contact their insurance company and provide me with a copy of their insurance policy showing that the policy is current and that I am insured to deliver their boat. The owner is also to provide me with enough money prior to leaving to cover the cost of estimated expenses for the trip plus 50% of my estimated fees. I will provide a written estimate. I also provide a contract after you have read the estimate and we agree to the terms. I try to provide receipts for all major expenses but sometimes I cannot get a receipt for cash expenses.

Communications, Weather

I offer use of a satellite phone at a very nominal fee to cover the airtime and rental charges. I carry a cell phone with text mail in many foreign countries. When going offshore in areas where heavy weather is a concern I have a weather router that I use if you are interested. I will need a satellite phone to contact him. The charges for the satellite phone and weather router would be at your expense if you want to use them. I charge full rate for layovers due to mechanical or weather delays. I do my best to keep you updated on how the trip is going. I have a new GPS service which will give you a daily position via e-mail and allow me to notify you of any emergency or urgent needs. This does not replace the need for a ship’s EPIRB unit.

Completion of Delivery

I will return your boat as clean or cleaner than I found it. It will be properly tied up, and locked up at the dock or mooring of your choice. I will expect payment in full upon completion of the delivery or wired to my account.

Booking the Trip

Advance booking is always the best. However, call me, 50% of my trips are short notice and I will work you in. Just call and I will send you a written contract. I will need a 50% deposit for most trips.

I am located in southern New Jersey. There are three major airports within 2 hours of my home and they compete for the best price. I try to fly Southwest whenever possible. Airfare is surprisingly cheap since all major carriers are available. If you prefer to buy the tickets yourself you may do so.

Please contact me for a free written estimate.

Captain Glen Foulke