Winterize & Storage

It’s Almost That Time Again

The boating season is winding down and it is time to start thinking about protecting your valuable recreational asset. The time and effort you spend now will have a definite effect on your boat’s performance, or lack of it, and certainly save you time, effort and money come spring. You should remember that your insurance policy may not cover damage done by lack of maintenance or neglect.

The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under cover, in a climate-controlled boat storage area. This, can be expensive. If don’t have this option you should consider shrink-wrapping your boat.




We use Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Shrink Wrap Film WHITE, BLUE, or CLEAR 7 mil, UVI. protection (ultraviolet inhibitor) to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also has EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) added to the film to keep the polyethylene soft and flexible in sub-freezing temperatures.

Our Service Includes:

If you own a trailer

  • We will pick up your trailer.
  • Pull your boat.
  • After winterization and shrink wrapping, transport it to your home or storage facility.


Glen Foulke – (609)703-6744

Put the boat and trailer up on blocks for winter to take the pressure off the tires OR

  • Remove the trailer tires to help discourage theft while the boat is in long-term storage.
  • Inspect the trailer tires for wear and tear.
  • Also grease the wheel bearings, replacing if necessary.

Winterizing should include:

  • High pressure power washing
  • Flush out and fog drain and refill lower unit grease
  • Pressure testing
  • Grease shaft, fittings and steering system
  • Compression test engine
  • Disconnecting battery(s)
  • Launch and haul out to storage
  • Bottom painting and buffing on boats
  • Replacing water pumps if the recommended 2 years replacement period is up.

Detailing should include:

  • Compounding
  • Waxing and vinyl cleaning
  • Striping and custom lettering
  • Detailing

Added items that may need to be performed:

  • General boat repairs
  • Repairs of osmotic blisters for boats or yachts
  • Gloss finishing
  • Welding
  • Storage
  • General Repairs such as mast repairs for boat.