Why should I consider the Carrie Lynn for my next group charter?

A number of reasons: the large, roomy size, and “brand-new” condition of the boat that can accommodate charters up to 6 people, safely and comfortably….the experience and professionalism of the Captain and crew…..the top-notch equipment…..the best quality and variety of bait, and tackle, available….the close proximity to some of the best fishing grounds of the state….some of the most competitive charter rates in the business…..the ability to make your outing a “no-hassle”, “all-fun” day!

Don’t I need a lot of people in my group to charter your boat?

Great question! The answer surprises a lot of people…..Most people think that in order to book a charter on the Carrie Lynn, they need to get together 4 or 6 people to make the trip and cost worthwhile….The rates that we quote are designed to make a Carrie Lynn charter reasonable to groups as small as 1 or 2 people; but, consider the pricing of a basic Carrie Lynn charter & compared to what you’ll spend on a party boat, and you’ll see that you don’t really need a lot of people to book a charter with us.

I’d like to go fishing, but I’m afraid I’ll get seasick. Will I get seasick on the Carrie Lynn?

While no one can guarantee you that you won’t get seasick on a fishing trip aboard a charter boat, you should be aware of the following: The Carrie Lynn is one of the safest, cleanest, and most comfortable and stable fishing boats on the East Coast. Most of our trips are in calmer, near-shore waters, which don’t require long travel times. This combination of facts, plus the regular assortment of preventative drugs available over the counter, makes the potential for a fun-filled, “not-get-sick” day a reality for almost everyone. Captain Glen suggests taking Bonine, an over the counter motion sickness remedy, up to 12 hours PRIOR to leaving the dock, as well as JUST PRIOR to leaving the dock. Bonine seems, in his opinion, to be superior to the old standby Dramamine, with fewer side effects.

Do I need to bring my own equipment and bait?

No. The whole idea of a charter on the Carrie Lynn is to enjoy yourself, and catch some fish. We supply the tackle and bait that you will need to catch the species of fish that you desire. Of course, if you have your own favorite rod and reel, and like a particular type of bait that may not be too common (some regulars bring some pretty exotic baits!), feel free to bring it and use it. Ultra-light tackle is available with special request; however, if you decide to bring your own ultra-light tackle, please be aware that you may incur an additional fee for extra rigging.

Do I have to tip the mates?

Well, lets put it this way…..the mates that work on the Carrie Lynn are chosen for their experience and patience…several of them are Captains in their own right….they will fix your rigs, untangle your tangles, net or gaff your fish, teach you proven fish-catching techniques, prepare the baits, filet and bag your catch…..heck, they’ll even bait your hooks. Quite simply stated, they will go out of their way to make sure that you have fun and catch fish. So to answer your question, yes we request that the mates receive approximately 15% of the cost of the charter, from your group.

Does the Carrie Lynn sail in bad weather?

Do you want to fish in “Bad” weather??? The Boat will sail at the Captains discretion. Armed with the most sophisticated satellite and weather station data, it is getting harder and harder to blow a forecast, but it still happens. Captain Glen checks the most recent NOAA satellite data, as well as the ocean conditions at Ambrose Tower, before discussing the weather and ocean conditions with the charter, the night before the trip. If the Captain and charter decide that the conditions are good, the trip goes. Rain is not a factor in canceling a charter; SEA CONDITIONS ARE! If there is a doubt, particularly when it comes to the safety of the charter, then the trip may be cancelled and rescheduled at a later date. However, be aware: if the conditions are questionable ( one of those “flip-a-coin” forecasts that could go either way), it’s usually best to give it a try. The best case scenario is that the weather cooperates, and everyone does well. Worst case is that you show up, and decide at the dock that things are looking too bad to make the run. You’d be surprised at how many times this situation can pop up, and how many successful trips still take place.

Can my charter break the daily size and bag limits for the species that we’re after?


DO I have to charter the WHOLE Boat?

A great question, the answer is No. Captain Glen will work with groups, as often as possible, to set up split charters so that the boat can sail, even if you don’t have a full group.

How old should children be to come aboard?

As early as 6 years old. This the right time to start introducing them to the wonderful sport of fishing and all the ocean has to offer. They are our future fisherman and woman. Pregnant woman over 6 months should stay on land.